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Canadian Tire Stores - Watergarden Supplies
Shop Canadian Tire for Garden and Patio products including eFlyer Weekly Specials, Bird Feeding, Garden Decor, Garden Lighting, Gardening Tools, Grass Seed, Indoor Gardening, Patio Furniture, Pond Kits and Accessories, Power Equipment, Sheds, Snow Removal, Watering Equipment and more. (Across Canada)

The Shopping Channel - Lawn and Garden
Shop The Shopping Channel store for Lawn and Garden products including Rakes, Repellant Devices, Planters, Bird Feeders, Umbralla Light Kits, Furniture and more. (Across Canada)

Aquatics and Company - Wetland and Aquatic Plants
Shop the Aquatics store for Oxygenating Plants, Floating Plants, Submerged and Surface Plants, Hardy Marginals, Flowering Plants, Grass, Reed, Rush Plants, Tropical Marginals, Water Lilies, Hardy Ferns, and more. (Pickering, ON)

AT Ponds - Hard Goods for Watergardening
AT Ponds Online Store offers professional Pond Kits, Pond Liners, Hardware and Tubing, Pumps, Energy Charts, Lighting, Filters, Accessories, Fish Food, Weed Barrier, Landscape Edging, Drainage and more. Call Toll Free. (Toronto, ON)

Burns Water Gardens - Aquatic Plant Nursery and Pond Supply
Burns Water Gardens sells Water Gardening Books, Aquatic Plants, Hardy Water Lilies, Hardy Marginal Plants, Bog or Moisture Loving Plants, Tropical Plants, Oxygenating Plants, Floating Plants, and more. (Baltimore, ON)

Clarke Koi - Watergarden Ponds - American and Japanese Koi
Clarke Koi Ponds stocks both inexpensive Americal Koi as well as the more sought after coveted Japanese Koi. Sizes range from 3 to 20 inches. Find Pond Supplies, Photos, Videos, Monthly specials and more. (Toronto, ON)

Dube Botanical Gardens - Pond Building and Rejuvenation Centre
Shop Dube Botanical Gardens for Red and Pink Waterlilies, Dazzling White Water Lilies, Changeable and Yellow Waterlilies, Marginals and Bog Plants, Water Gardening Books, and more. 1-877-426-5459 (River John, NS)

Pacific Ponds - Ponds and Water Gardens
Pacific Ponds is a Canadian grower and supplier of finest quality Water Plants including Lotus, Hardy Water Lilies, Tropical Water Lilies, Hardy Shallow Water Plants, Floating and Oxygenating Plants, and Pond and more. (Saanichton, BC)

Pacific Ponds Plus - Watergarden Store - Koi and Watergarden Ponds
Pacific Ponds Plus Watergarden Stores sells Superfalls Pumps, Sho Koi Impact Food, First Mate Koi Food, UV Sterilizer, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Argent Labs, Aquatic Eco-Systems, and more. (Surrey, BC)

eBay Canada - Get the Best Deals on Garden Items Starting at $1
Shop for great deals on Home and Garden including Garden Decor, Plant Hangers & Stands, Planters, Pots, Seeds, Bulbs, Window Boxes, Tools, Gear, Furniture and much more! (Across Canada)

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