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Ponds Online Canada Watergarden Products
Shop the Ponds online store catalogue for Pond Liners, Pre-Formed Ponds, Pond Kits, Barrel Gardens, Patio Ponds, Pond & Waterfall Pumps, Skimmers, Filters, Filter Systems, UVC's, Floating Fountains, and more. (Salt Spring Island, BC)

Prestige Ponds - Supplies and Services
Shop the Prestige Ponds online store for Koi Fish and Pet Supplies, Pond Filters, Hoses, Liners, Nets, Food, Lighting, Garden Ornaments, Pumps, Starter Kits, Treatments, Sterilizers, Valves, Equipment Manuals, and Parts. (Echo Bay, ON)

Aquascape Ontario Ltd. - Changing the Way Canada Builds Ponds
Aquascape Ontario sells Mini Pond Kits, Standard Pond Kits, Grande Pond Kits, Biofalls, Skimmers, Pumps, Sealants, Liners, Water Gardening How To and Advanced Construction Books, and more. Call 1-888-547-POND (Chatham, ON)

Homegrown Hydroponics - The only way to Grow
Homegrown Hydroponics sells indoor Gardening Systems including Plant Stands and Containers, Grow Lamps, Plant Nutrition, Fans, Air Purifiers, Pumps, Irrigation, Test Equipment, and more. 1-800-INFO-GRO (Across Canada)

Hydrosphere - Water Gardens and Fisheries
Shop the Hydrosphere Water Gardens and Fisheries store for quality Koi and Goldfish, Hardy and Tropical Water Lilies, Marginal and Floating Plants, Liners, Pumps, Pond Kits, Ultraviolet Clarifiers and Sterilizers, and more. (Brantford, ON)

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