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Products shipped from Canada, by Canadians, in Canadian dollars was created to easily help Canadians find and organize Canadian Retailers selling products on the Internet and shipping them from Canada in Canadian dollars, helping Canadian shoppers "Save" on additional shipping costs, high exchange rates, duty fees, and higher delivery costs, reducing returns and additional costs associated with dealing with foreign countries. We hope we can help Canadians shop wisely while providing them with "Safe Shopping Tips" and protecting them from fraud and online scams.
Please visit our "Today's Hot Deals" section where you will find daily freebies, discounts, sales, specials and all kinds of savings at Online stores and Brick and Mortar stores across Canada. We also offer an extensive "Category List" on our homepage with over 75 categories to help you find Canadian Online stores quickly and easily.
Also visit our "Free Section" listing items such as Coupons, Free Software, Free Internet Telephone, Contests and numerous other "Free" items of interest found on the Internet as well as some tips on how to protect your privacy from email spammers. Webpreneurs can find an Ecommerce section to help Canadians find e-commerce sources and resources, tips and more to help develop success in their own online endeavors.
Clicking on the "Web Site Link Company Listing" will send you directly to that company's homepage. Also note that there is a "city of origin" listed in "Red print" at the end of each company description. Also if a company has a "Toll Free phone number" it is printed at the end of each company description.
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