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Rintal Canada - Modular Staircases
Rintal Canada manufactures fine quality crafted modular stair systems. Products include Traditional Stair Kits, Spiral Staircases, Collapsible Stair Systems, and more. Call 1-877-816-2113 (Cobourg, Ontario)

Rittenhouse - Tools for Growers and Landscapers
Shop online for thousands of Gardening and Landscape products for the cottage including Surface Lake Rakes, Beach Sand Trap Rakes, Mosquito Magnets, Firefighting Backpacks, Easy Reachers, Pond Kits, and more. Call 1-800-461-1041 (Toronto, Ontario)

Screen Den - Frameless Specialty Screen and PVC Windows
Screen Den provides custom-designed Screen Panels and flexible PVC windows, Garage Screens, Porch, Balcony and Gazebo Screens ready for easy installation. Call 1-888-992-0991 (Bala, Ontario)

Signart - Cottage Signs
Signart designs signs in a high density foam which is ideal for exterior and is excellent for hand carving, and the other substrate is western red cedar. Artwork is also available for paddles, lawn chairs etc. (Mississauga, Ontario)

Stuart & Miller - Water Purification Products
D.S.M.I. purifiers are designed not only to reduce and remove chemical purities, but they absolutely kill all pathogenic organisms which cause water borne disease. The New DSMI Cottager unit is the most carefully crafted water purifier available from years of development. Available in 3 units. (Toronto, Ontario)

Sun Mar - Composting Toilets
Sun-Mar offers the luxury of an indoor facility, and where there is no toilet at all, a Sun-Mar provides the right environmental choice. Choose from Self-Contained units and Central Composting Toilet Systems for the home.Call 1-800-461-2461 (Burlington, Ontario)

Talius - In a Turbulent World, An Oasis of Calm
Talius offers many different products each featuring it's own unique benefit including Rollshutters, Rollscreens, Awnings, Windows and Door Systems. Call 1-800-665-5553 (Mississauga, Ontario)

Tilley Endurables - Fine Travel and Adventure Clothing
Shop online for Tilley's famous Hats, Men's Wear, Women's Wear, Travel Socks, Underwear, and Accessories. Gift Certificates & Free Catalogue 1-800-363-8737 (Toronto, Ont.)

Tunnelo - The Original Float House
Tunnelo sells the original Floathouse which can be built for a lot less money than conventional boathouses. Choose from one, two, or four door models in kit form with all hardware and a video tape. Call 1-800-553-2345 (Montreal, Quebec)

Wake Watchers - Don't Bang the Dock
The Wake Watchers Mooring System allows your boat to move up and down with wakes and waves resisting vertical, horizontal or lateral movement. Call 1-800-479-BEAR (Concord, Ontario)

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