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EZ Dock - Self-Floating Boat Lift Systems
EZ Dock sells self-floating Boat Lift systems for Boats, Personal Water Craft, and Dock Sections made of extra-thick polyethelyne sections providing superior resistance to impacts and temperature extremes, and low maintenance costs. Call 1-888-414-4425 (Brigden, ON)

Fendock - Dock and Lift Systems
Fendock sells Standard Docks, Dock Accessories, Custom Designed Docks, Floating Docks and Swim Rafts, Boat Lifts, Canoe Caddy's, and Snowmobile Lifts. Call 1-888-336-3625 (Ottawa, ON)

Cambridge Metalsmiths - Cast Metal Signs and Plaques
Cambridge Metalsmiths manufactures signs cast in deep relief, with raised type, borders and emblems, then beautifully enamelled to endure weather and time. Fine wall mount and hanging styles. (Lynden, ON)

Beach Launcher - An Innovative Launch Vehicle
The Launch Vehicle carries a boat over soft and uneven terrain, to a beach and into water as far as is required to launch or retrieve a boat, and where it acts as a temporary dock. Call 1-888-549-6046 (Perkinsfield, ON)

Boat N Dock - Marine Equipment Supplies
Boat and Dock Marine's online store sells Boat Dollies, Cockpit Accessories, Dinghies, Dock Accessories, Electronics, Engines, Fenders, Furniture, Lifts, Mooring Parts, and more. (Markham, ON)

Hillside Lift - The Canadian Hillside Elevator Corporation
Hillside Elevator's provides a solution for climbing the hill from your dock or boat house to the cottage. Blends in easily and carries a half-ton load. Call 1-800-568-0037 (Muskoka Area, ON)

Houston Marine Systems - Cedar and Aluminum Docks
Houston Marine Docking Systems sells Aluminum Docks, Cedar Floating Docks, Cedar Standing Docks, lighweight durable Boat Lifts, Marine Railways, Roller Ramps, Mooring Whips and Accessories. Call 1-888-HMS-DOCK (Coboconk, Ontario)

Hyland Trailers - Recreational Trailers
Hyland Trailers manufactures Motorcycle, Landscape, Deck Over, Car Hauler, Utility, Snowmobile, Custom, and PWC Trailers. Call 1-877-530-6004 (Bolton, Ontario)

K & I Pine Flooring - Authentic Reproduction Pine Flooring
K & I Pine Flooring manufactures Authentic Reproduction Pine Flooring milled from top grade pine logs. Boards come in sizes of 6" to 20" planks. Boards are planed with tongue and groove for easy installation. Find boards up to full 1" thickness with optional finishes. (Collingwood, Ontario)

Lockside Trading Company - A Way of Life
Lockside Trading Company's Country Store sells casual quality Clothing, Binoculars, Walking Sticks, Slip-covered Sofas, Reproduction Pine Armoires and Harvest Tables, Mission Furniture, Giftware, Placemats, Candles, Kitchen Stuff and more. . (Youngs Point, Ontario)

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