Canada Gourmet Food. 
Canada Gourmet Food
Products shipped from Canada, By Canadians, in Canadian Dollars
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Preserve Company - Everything in Good Taste
Shop the Preserve Company online store for Preserves, Gifts, Books & Music, Gourmet Foods, Baked Goods, & Select Teas. Find products such as Fruit & Wine Jellies, and more. 1-800-565-5267 (Hunter River, PEI)

Richters - Herb Gift Shop Online
Richters sells organic seeds and fresh herb plants in shipping containers that withstands the tough handling of today's delivery services. Hundreds of thank you letters attest that their plant shipping system works. (Goodwood, ON)

Rogers Chocolates - Since 1885
Since 1885 people have found their way to Rogers Chocolates of Victoria B.C. Now order on-line and send these gourmet chocolates home or afar to someone special. Call Toll Free across Canada. (Victoria, BC)

Salmon Village - Cooked Smoked Salmon
Shop the Salmon VIllage online store for Salmon that is perfectly smoked, steam cooked and vacuum-sealed in it's own delicious juices to retain all it's freshness and flavour. (Vancouver, BC)

.Say Tea Limited - Over 120 Varieties of Quality Teas
Say Tea offers a wide variety of quality teas and assorted quality products from around the world including Tea Boxes, White Teas, Estate Teas, Flavoured Teas, Green Teas, and more. 1-888-663-4832 (Toronto, ON)




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