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Save 30% on books over $25

Aquabatics - Essentials for Outdoor Survival
Shop the Aquabatics online store for Books and Maps, Canoes, Casual Wear, Dry Storage and Bags, Helmets, Kayaks, Outfitting, Safety and Rescue, Guidebooks, Maps, and more. Call 1-877-440-9283 (Calgary, Alberta)

Boater Exam - Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Obtain your "Operator Card" in less than one hour, from wherever you want. Canadian recreational Boaters can get trained and certified over the Internet, at their own convenience, from the comfort of home,work, or cottage. (Stittsville, ON)

Pride of Muskoka Marine - State of the Art Service and Products
Pride of Muskoka Marine is your source for Mariah, FourWinns, Nautiques, Checkmate, and Edgewater boats, including state of the art service and storage facilities. 1-877-228-2297. (Bracebridge, ON)

Radio World - The Largest Radio Store of it's Type in Canada
Shop the Radio World online store for Marine Products, Shortwave Radios, Scanners, GPS Units, CB Radios, Amateur Radios, FRS Radios, Geochron World Clocks and Software, and more. Call 1-866-666-8600 (Toronto, ON)

South Shore Yachts - Service company for C&C
South Shore Yachts is a full service rigging shop including: Rod, Wire, Rope and Hydraulics. They are specialists in Parts and Information from owners manuals to brand new full length in stock Toe Rail. (Niagara On The Lake, ON)

Sun Mar - Composting Toilets With No Septic and No Odour
Sun-Mar offers the luxury of an indoor facility, and where there is no toilet at all, a Sun-Mar provides the right environmental choice. Choose from Self-Contained units and Central Composting.1-800-461-2461 (Burlington, ON)

The Boating Store - Boats and Magazine
Find all the Boating Gear you need at the Boats and Places Online store. Shop for Boat Accessories, Seats and mounting systems, Dinghies and Inflatables, Propellers and Motors, Sport Boats, and more... (Keswick, ON)

Tilley Endurables - Fine Travel and Adventure Clothing
Tilley Hats have been a welcome companion to over a million people, from world-class adventurers to princes and presidents. Shop online for Tilley's famous Hats, Men's Wear, and more. 1-800-363-8737 (Toronto, ON)

Yachts of Toronto - World Class Sailboats and Trawlers
Yachts of Toronto offers leading brands of Sailing yachts, Power yachts and Trawlers. Also, sell your used boat fast in the online marketplace. Trade-ins considered on new purchases. (Toronto, ON)

Canadian Canoes - Traditional Wood Canvas Canoes
Canadian Canoes manufactures traditional wood canvas canoes as well as woodstrip epoxy canoes, Kayaks and Rowboats.1-905-676-1998 (Mississauga, ON)

Canadian Yachting Association - Online Store
Shop the Canadian Yachting Association Online store for Sailing Clothing and Accessories, Books, Manuals, References, Burgees, Flags, Teaching Aids, Badges, Certificates and more. (Across Canada)

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